Choosing Top-Grade Cookware

To those that own a restaurant, it’s obvious that the quality of your food and the cooking skills of your chef are what determine the ultimate success of your business. If your kitchen isn’t producing great dishes, then there will be very few patrons returning to your establishment.

In order to cook excellent meals, your chefs need to be well equipped — which is where commercial restaurant cookware comes in. With the right cookware, your chefs will be able to whip up dishes that have your customers coming back for more time and time again.

If you aren’t well versed in restaurant cookware, below is a simple guide about some of the kitchen’s most basic tools of the trade.

The Heavier – The Better

First and foremost, when choosing commercial restaurant cookware, you want to make sure that you’re choosing equipment made with heavy-gauge material. With heavier materials, you’ll notice that heat spreads out through the pan more evenly. Additionally, the pot itself is less likely to warp and ruin over a short period of time.

To test the pan and its heaviness, you should lift it and hear a thud. The thud is the sign that signals that the pot is heavy enough to be worth in the price you pay for it.

A Set of Pans

In addition to the weight of the pan, you also want to pay attention to the types of pans that you bring into the kitchen. Chances are, your chef is going to need more than a skillet and a pot. Discuss with your chef what they require to get the job done to make sure your kitchen is properly equipped.

Once you know what they are looking for, you should take time choosing pots. The pots that you bring into your restaurant need to be comfortable to use and made of strong materials that conduct heat well. Those with lids should be able to prevent moisture from escaping the cookware. Focusing on these key points, you’ll be able to choose a collection of pots and pans that suits your restaurant best.

A Transferable Pot

Finally, one type of pot you must have in your kitchen is the transferable type. This pot can be moved from the stovetop to the oven for cooking that requires different types of heat. Your chef will appreciate that you’ve brought this tool into the kitchen because it is an invaluable tool in the cooking process.

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