Varieties of Dinnerware

As a restaurant owner, you’ve got a big job on your hands. One of the main tasks involved is making sure that your restaurant is not only stocked with food, but also the proper dinnerware for your guests.

Choosing commercial restaurant dinnerware isn’t easy — especially if you aren’t familiar with all of the varieties that are available to you. A quick overview of your options will help you make the best decision for your restaurant, food type and guests.

Platters, Saucers, Service Plates, and Bowls

The first set of commercial restaurant dinnerware that you should focus on is the dishes that your guests are going to use during the meal. This set is comprised of platters, saucers, service trays and bowls. Some restaurants, depending on their food and theme, also include salad plates in this category.

When choosing a style, you want to choose one that fits in with the overall theme of your restaurant. For example, if you are a fine dining or high-end restaurant, then you may want to opt for a totally white set rather than one that is colorful and varied. Additionally, entrees contrast much better against white dishware than others.

Mugs and Dessert Dishes

The next category to consider is your mugs and dessert dishes. This set of dinnerware is what your guests will primarily use after the meal. With these, you can be a bit more creative when it comes to style.

However, you should take care to not make one of the most common restaurant mistakes — which is using dishware that isn’t proportional to the meal size. To ensure that your guests aren’t overwhelmed, you need to choose dishware that is appropriate for your guests and their diet.

Common Materials

Lastly, there are dozens of options for materials that you can choose form when looking at dinnerware. For most restaurants, the material of choice is porcelain. Porcelain tends to hold up well against daily use. But, if there is any concern with this material, it is that porcelain is much more prone to breaking than other materials.

Therefore, you want to make sure that your staff and servers are handling this material with care. Another fragile material that you may want to think about is glass dinnerware. This type of dinnerware is usually a prime option for the salad and desert part of the meal due to the delicate and attractive appearance.

At Economy Restaurant & Bar Supply, we aim to serve our customers and help their restaurant businesses grow. Regardless of what you buy, you can always expect quality products and excellent service.

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