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White Glove Service

Product Description

White-glove service is when we, Economy, deliver your order at your site. We can also remove old equipment from the site, but you must indicate this when you place your order. Because this is a specialty service done by Economy's in-house team, white-glove service is only available to customers within a 125 mile radius of Philadelphia, PA.

We recognize that the requirements for white-glove service will be unique for every client, so to get a quote for your particular order we require that you fill in the comment box on the check-out page with the following information:

  • Do you require removal?
  • How many steps/ stairs do you have?
  • Please list the width of all doorways and entry ways we will pass through.
  • Is there sufficient walkway space in your kitchen for move-in and installation of equipment?
After you've filled out the comment box Economy will contact you via phone or email with a quote for your white-glove service. ( We only place your order. We do not install equipment. WE DO NOT UNINSTALL EQUIPMENT/TAKE DOOR WAYS OR RAILINGS OFF.  IF YOU SAY THE EQUIPMENT WILL FIT THE ENTRANCE AND DOES NOT WE ARE NOT LIABLE TO GIVE A REFUND)